Organization Profile

St. Francis House

Our mission statement is, "Moving People From Homelessness to Hope." The St. Francis House first and foremost, provides individuals with a warm and safe place to stay. We also assist guests in locating other community resources that best meet their individual needs and issues. While acknowledging and addressing the personal factors that contribute to homelessness, the housing first methodology was designed to more effectively address the economic root causes of the problem: poverty and the lack of affordable housing. The program provides a critical link between the emergency/transitional housing system and the community-based social service, educational and health care organizations that bring about neighborhood integration and family self-sufficiency. The approach deals with the interrelated problems that homeless people face: poverty, economic development, social infrastructure and housing. Services are provided in an integrated, holistic manner to place our guests, not only back into housing, but into communities. It involves them in economic and social services after they are stabilized in permanent housing and are no longer traumatized by the crisis of homelessness.

Our Program Coordinators provide comprehensive case management. This includes assistance with obtaining and maintaining employment with benefits, securing transportation, enrolling children in school and/or child care, managing money and other general life skills. It also includes guest referrals for everything from addiction to health care to GED services. Program Coordinators work closely with guests to review their debts and work with creditors to develop a payment plan based on their monthly income. Guests are required to deposit 100% of their funds, so they can develop a budget to meet their current expenses as well as past debt. Guests are assisted with filing their taxes and utilizing tax returns to be applied to past due child support or towards past debt to make their move from transitional housing to permanent housing in the community less stressful.

  • Our guests are required to obtain and maintain full-time employment.

  • Guests are required to deposit 100% of any income they receive into a savings account that we establish for them.

  • Guests are required to pay on any outstanding debt, including fines, restitution, child support, past due utilities.

  • We are zero tolerant of alcohol, drugs and gambling.

  • We provide 3 well-balanced meals each day, plus snacks for our guests.

  • We give our guests a sack lunch for them to take to work.

  • We are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day to serve our guests.

  • Our guests can stay up to a year.

  • The most a guest saved is $43,542.18

  • Most Debt Paid off by a guest is $26,772.41

  • Today we have single bed availability for 68 men, 75 females and 7 family units.

We are a drug, alcohol and gambling free shelter. We provide a warm bed, showers, laundry, food, and other referrals. We offer special services for reaching long term goals including employment, independent housing, and addiction recovery. Those served at the St. Francis House include tired travelers, those coming from hospitals, treatment centers, and prisons, families looking to relocate, and anyone looking for a chance to start over. Guests have ranged from newborn infants to the elderly. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. The St. Francis House depends entirely on private donations for its operating funds. Various grants from private foundations and the state of South Dakota have funded some new programs and renovations to the house, however, these grants are a one time gift and the improvements they fund must be maintained through our regular budget.

Volunteering opportunities at the St. Francis House can be done on an individual, group, court required community service, one-time, or consistent basis.  Volunteers can serve meals, make treats, organize donations, clean, garden, and complete special projects.  For more information about volunteering or to ask questions, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 605-334-3879 ext. 13

Hunger & Homelessness
210 N Sherman Ave, Sioux Falls, SD, 57103, United States