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Making a difference in the life of another. As a Hospice Volunteer, you can do this by simply reading a book, visiting, going for coffee, playing a game, watching a movie, vacuuming, or just being a friend. For many who are dying, their biggest wish is to stay at home. Along with the help of Hospice nurses, doctors, social workers, home health aides, dietician, clergy; volunteers are the key to making this wish happen. As a volunteer you would be an important part of the patient's team by simply providing companionship to a patient whose caregiver needs a break or to run errands and sometimes to visit with patients who lives alone. We also have patients who are in our hospice cottages, in nursing homes, assisted living centers, and occasionally at the hospital. Other volunteer opportunities include: reading, reminiscing, listening, writing letters, playing games, playing music, silently holding someone's hand, watching movies, light housekeeping tasks, help with baking or meals, etc. Volunteers have many hidden talents that can be an asset to our patients.

Health & Wellness, Senior Services
People with Health-based Concerns
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