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Moving Assistance Program

The Moving Assistance Program was developed to provide moving assistance to individuals or families who financially can not afford to physically move to a better or safer living condition. The Moving Assistance Program (MAP) does not have a dedicated staff so they rely on volunteers within the Sioux Falls community to staff the moving teams. MAP is unable to meet immediate crisis needs since it needs 1 to 2 weeks to evaluate moves and organize a moving team. MAP DOES NOT: provide financial assistance of any kind, or provide packing or unpacking support. STEPS FOLLOWED FOR EACH MOVE REQUEST: Move must be within the city limits of Sioux Falls, SD; MAP needs 1 to 2 weeks advance notice for all moves; Once request is made, usually within 24 to 48 hours, MAP's on call representative will call and will fill out an application over the phone. MAP needs to know your current address and the confirmed and approved location to move to. This includes the landlord name and contact numbers. MAP will do an on site inspection of current address to evaluate the move, determine equipment, the number of volunteers needed, and what move dates MAP has open. MAP only does one move per week on Saturday mornings, starting around 9 AM CST. Most moves are less then 3 hours. You must be completely packed and in possession of the new residence key prior to the arrival of the moving team. MAP only loads from one residence or storage unit and takes belongings to the new residence. Applicants are required to pack their own possessions.

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