Organization Profile

Lunch Is Served, Inc

Lunch Is Served, Inc is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide nutritious sack lunches to the working poor. We work with day labor sources to identify hunger needs among working men and women. The brown bag lunch offers a symbol of support and encouragement from the community. The heart of the outreach is found in the joint efforts of volunteers from the community. Lunch Is Served relies on volunteer recruitment to assemble sack lunches at Emmanuel Baptist Church on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. We recruit and schedule groups of 8+ from churches, service clubs or businesses and also include scheduling individual volunteers with other individuals or small groups. Lunch Is Served is unique in that volunteers do not work directly with the recipients of the lunches but their time spent and the donations offered are a direct link to supporting and encouraging men and women who are working to break the chains of poverty and hunger.

Hunger & Homelessness
Homeless, Low-income Communities
1600 East 12th Street, Sioux Falls, SD, 57103, USA