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Now more than ever, having a friend like you is so very important! Friends have the power to lift each other up, especially when extended isolation continues for children and adults who have vulnerable immune systems- friends at LifeScape!

To express interest in volunteering and sharing your skills/experience with children and adults with disabilities, at LifeScape, please email, We are seeking many new friends to help us thrive during the COVID isolation times and building a new way of life.

Physical volunteer tasks:

A. Birthday in a bag (create a male or female themed (child or adult) bday party in a bag including cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, baking supplies, napkins, plates streamers, NO latex balloons please, etc) Drop off the birthday bag. LifeScape will help friends to bake and decorate on a person’s bday).

B. Bake and Take (bake a treat and take to LifeScape friend’s door to drop off). We’ll return the favor!

C. Garden friend (help work the garden or pots- as LifeScape friends watch through window) We’ll take turns ‘working the garden’ but would love your help in planting, getting it started, and keeping it growing.

D. Flourish with flowers: Purchase and/or pot some flowers. Leave this generous gift at your LifeScape friend’s home for your LifeScape friend to take care of and grow with love. And think of you as they care for it.

E. Yard clean up. If your family is interested in helping to spruce up a home/dorm’s yard, make a chalk message on the sidewalk at LifeScape home to lift spirits, wash windows, etc, we’d love to see you through the windows!!!

F. Scrapbook pages: Using LifeScape supplies, create premade toddler boy/toddler girl scrapbook pages that we can fill in with pictures for little ones receiving support in the LifeScape Specialty Hospital.

G. Pen Pals: Write notes back and forth (color pictures and send a blank one, send a word search in your letter, get creative, etc).

H. A simple, 5min, phone call once a week to say hello, what’s new, and talk to you soon could mean the world!

Virtual Volunteering- the sky is the limit!

I. Virtual Yoga, stretching, and/or Exercising: On the computer, zoom or skype, take turns inspiring each other to stretch, move, exercise, and laugh!

J. Virtual crafting: Identify a craft and instructions. Each person to have craft supplies. On the computer, zoom or skype, from own homes, work through the craft together while visiting and helping each other out virtually. Ex: card making, 4th of July craft, etc.

K. Virtual Reading Friends: Do you enjoy reading? Let’s read a book or magazine together via zoom/skype!

L. Virtual Concert: Do you play an instrument or enjoy singing? We’d love a short virtual concert- watching you in action!

M. Virtual Drinking Water Challenge: Challenge your LifeScape friends to drink more water. Make a fun, colorful visual water chart. Virtually check in for 5min each day to update the daily water challenge, say hello, and inspire.

N. Virtual Board Games: Play Hangman, tick tac toe, etc, where one facilitates the game and the other plays along.

O. Teach us about Fishing and types of fish: Lfiescape supports many people who like to fish. Schedule a zoom meeting on a regular basis to help us learn about fish, lures, and fishing strategies/techniques from last/docks.

P. Virtual and Interactive Tour of your Fancy Sports Vehicle: Zoom or facetime a virtual tour of your sports car, antique car, or any vehicle that you have a passion for. Tell us the history, how you came to get it, virtual tour of the outside and inside and start it up for all to hear!

Q. Share your pet via zoom or skype. We support so many people that love animals. Share your pet on zoon and talk about what they’ve been doing! We’d love to see them!

R. Virtual tour of your property/land. Take us on a virtual tour of your property, showing us what is growing, what projects you’ll work on this summer, and where you like to relax!

S. Virtual and Interactive Tour of Sounds on Your farm (animals, water, and vehicles). Schedule a time with LifeScape to connect with us via Zoom or facetime and walk us around your farm. We’d love to hear the sounds on your farm.

T. Virtual and Interactive Tour of Sounds in Your City Neighborhood (birds, dogs, water, and vehicles). Schedule a time with LifeScape to connect with us via Zoom or facetime and walk us around your neighborhood or the trails. We’d love to hear the sounds and signs in your community as you narrate your walking tour.

U. Virtual and Interactive tour of the Downtown Sidewalk Art Sculpture. Schedule a time to take your LifeScape friend along with you to tour the Downtown Sidewalk Art Sculptures. Provide your opinion and feedback per statue and allow LifeScape friends to offer opinions/feedback before moving on.


V. Host a pizza party for a LifeScape home or dorm. Purchase and donate a pizza party. Virtually join the party and eat your own pizza while talking!

W. Pick and Celebrate a National Food Day such as National Apple Pie day, National Chocolate Chip day, or National Vanilla Pudding day: See a listing of fun food days to celebrate ; Brainstorm how you’d like to help LifeScape celebrate this special ‘food day’.

X. Recipe and ingredients Gift basket: Share your favorite Baked Good/treat recipe and include the ingredients. LifeScape friends will uses your recipe to bake at their home and taste your recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Becky Sluiter, Volunteer Coordinator

To volunteer, Express Interest below.
Empowering people to live their best lives



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Health & Wellness
Families, People with Disabilities

Age Minimum (with Adult): 18+, Minimum Age:18+

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