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It's All About Science Festival

The mission of the It's All About Science Festival is to promote a science-centric community by showcasing all things science to the Northern Plains community. To that end we are planning a one-day inaugural event consisting of hands-on science activities, talks, demonstrations, and exhibits from student groups, educators, and STEM industries. The It's All About Science Festival is intended to be an annual celebration and exploration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics for all ages. One of the exciting programs to be hosted at the Science Festival is a remixed version of the Washington Pavilion's Design Challenge. For those not familiar with the Design Challenge, it is an annual program that aims to motivate and inspire innovation in students through a large hands-on project they must develop, document and design themselves. The challenge changes every year and requires students to tap into the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math and channel their inner Einsteins.

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