Volunteering With Kids

When you volunteer as a family, you can spend time together while helping others, learn important life lessons and inspire kids to keep volunteering as they grow up.

This site can help you find a family volunteer project, no matter how you define family. Maybe it's parents and children, or perhaps a grandparent with a grandchild. Maybe you want to volunteer with your nieces and nephews. Even a large extended family can gather to serve as one. 

Below are a few easy steps to help plan your family volunteer project.

Step 1
Spend time talking about your interests and passions. Discuss what's important to your family and ways you would like to help others. 

Step 2 
If you have very young children (8 or under) consider helping with a project you can do at home, but will still benefit a local organization. Use our Youth & Family Volunteer Opportunities List developed specifically for families with very young kids who want to serve.

Step 3
If your children are older, use this site to connect with family volunteer opportunities. Search Opportunities and sc
roll to the drop down menu Appropriate For using Age of Volunteer to select the age range of your children. Click Refine to see volunteer opportunities that allow youth participation.

You can also use the Groups search option. Just be sure to check the minimum age for children to be involved. 

Step 4
When you find the perfect volunteer opportunity for your family, click Express Interest and the agency will set up a fantastic volunteer experience for you and your loved ones.

If you plan to volunteer with a large number of extended family, consider using this site's Create A Team function as an efficient planning tool. 

If you want personalized assistance in planning a unique family volunteer opportunity, dial 2-1-1.