Easy, Fast, Effective

This site offers you the option to create and manage groups of volunteers efficiently. (Team means the same thing as group on this site.) By creating a team, you can invite volunteers to participate, easily confirm plans with the agency where you want to serve, communicate important information to your volunteer team with the click of a button and get organized in record time.

There are two types of teams you can create: Public and Private. A public group is open to any registered user on this site searching for teams to join. A private group is invite-only to those you want on your team. 

Steps To Creating A Team
1. Log in to your volunteer account.
2. Click Create A New Team.
3. Fill in the required information. 
(If you do NOT fill anything in for the Company/Group Affiliation field, you will only be able to enter team members with email addresses.) 
4. Decide if your team is private (invite-only) or public (open to all).
5. Enter information about any team members you want to add. 
6. Click Submit

To Manage A Team
1. Log in to your volunteer account. 
2. Click My Teams.
3. Click the + sign next to the team you want.
4. Click Manage Team. From here, you can add team members, delete team members, email team members or delete the team.

To Sign Up For A Group Opportunity
1. Log in to yourvolunteer account.
2. Select a volunteer opportunity and click Or Express Interest With A Team.
3. Choose the team you want to register. 
3. As the captain, you can choose to communicate directly with the agency and then relay event details to your volunteer team. You can also choose to have all team members copied on the email sent to the agency expressing interest by checking the circle next to those you want to select.
4. Click Submit. The agency will reply to you, as the captain, about hosting your volunteer team for a group project at their site. You can use the Manage Teams function to easily communicate project details to your team members and invite them to get involved. 

Join A Public Team
1. Log in to your volunteer account.
2. Click Join A Public Team
3. Find a team you want to join and click Join
. The team captain will be in touch with you as he/she organizes future volunteer projects.